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Trading tools

Technical indicators are used within technical analysis to gain insight into the supply and demand of securities. Indicators (such as volume) confirm price movement, and the probability that a price move will continue. The indicators can be used as a basis for trading, as they can form buy-and-sell signals. In this slideshow, we'll take you through seven common technical indicators that can help you round out your trading toolkit.

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Microfinance, also called microcredit​, is a type of banking service that is provided to unemployed or low-income individuals or groups who otherwise have no other access to financial services. While institutions participating in the area of microfinance are most often associated with lending (microloans can be anywhere from $100 to $25,000), many offer additional services, including bank accounts and micro-insurance products, and provide financial and business education. Ultimately, the goal of microfinance is to give impoverished people an opportunity to become self-sufficient.

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Least Cost Routing

In voice telecommunications, least-cost routing (LCR) is the process of selecting the path of outbound communications traffic based on cost. Within a telecoms carrier, an LCR team might periodically (monthly, weekly or even daily) choose between routes from several or even hundreds of carriers for destinations across the world. This function might also be automated by a device or software program known as a "Least Cost Router."

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